What is a Fairopoly?

Ever wondered how we will create NetZeroCities? Stopped to think that there is more to it than electric cars? Here’s some thoughts on what to do, and how to do it?

In large, densely populated areas, district energy is being proposed as the best means of making it easy for end users to move forward from gas to deliver NetZero Carbon. Remember, the goal isn’t a 25 or 30% improvement but 100% and getting there as fast as possible.

If we are to see the deployment of district energy (heating and cooling) we need to see huge levels of investment in the infrastructure. Whether this is privately funded or part of a huge national infrastructure programme it needs to done in the knowledge that there will be customers for the product.

A FAIROPOLY is an agreement between suppliers and customers that the heat will be supplied at a fair price, with an appropriate quality of cleanliness and reliably.

Customers make a promise that they will buy a minimum quantity WHEN the network is built.

With enough FAIROPOLY “pledges”, the funding can be raised to begin the deployment.

This video was created by Harry Doyle a recent ChemEng grad as part of his work experience with Star Renewable Energy.